“Only a brave person is willing honestly to admit, and fearlessly to face, what a sincere and logical mind discovers.” — [Urantia Papers 1773:04].

Thought Adjuster: “The idea came to your mind that, throughout planetary evolution, higher revelatory Truths have been diluted to fit into the narrow frame of immature and embryonic human understanding. The world religions for the most part have very little to do with the initial teachings of their founders who were mortals of the realm, consequently elevated to ‘sainthood’ or ‘divine status’ by the adulation of their followers who did not shy away from adding imaginative embellishments to the story of these human lives — thus creating the perception that such exceptional spiritual achievements were well outside of human reach.

“‘You cannot fit a quart into a pint’ is a good image of what happens as to the dissemination of Truth. Each individual can only integrate Truth according to the current capacity of their mind and heart. It also requires an active quest for Truth on their part as that is what expands the capacity of their human ability.

“Do not allow rigidity to settle in your character. Truth with a capital “T” is infinite as it pertains to a vast array of realms of reality and you are only experiencing the first one during your physical embodiment.

“Rather than distorting Truth in order to adapt it to your current belief system, wouldn’t it be much better to revise your belief system to incorporate Higher Truths? What do I mean by that? Humility is a prerequisite for spiritual growth as it is what enables the ascending pilgrim to make course corrections as needed. While prideful souls rather twist the Truth to adapt it to their way of thinking, humble souls reform the self to be in greater harmony with Truth.

“As you well know, the purity of Truth gets contaminated in the process of being handed down by word of mouth — by hearsay. Individual memories are not always accurate witnesses for Truth as they become impacted by their creative imagination and wishful thinking.

“The Spirit of Truth is available at all times as a Personal Adviser and Truth Whisperer. Whenever you feel conflicted by what you hear, go within in order to ask the Spirit of Truth for validation or invalidation and It will unfailingly point you in the right direction.

“Once clearly uncovered, learn to speak such Truth with authority as it is backed up by The Spirit of Truth. At that point, you become a Messenger of Truth as it is the only Truth worth spreading. Such a Truth has a positive influence as it is in perfect alignment with the Divine Purpose of promoting cosmic Harmony.”

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