cropped-sos-copyThe aim of School of Smiling is to focus on the subject of waking ourselves up to the world we really live in and the possibilities we have going forward if we don’t change our consciousness to a level that can create a better, fairer, healthier and more truthful world to live in.

The worlds resources are unfortunately very badly distributed. Through a fear based society people hoard as much of everything as they can to feel secure causing a shortage for others. This then causes more fear as the people are now scared of losing what they have accumulated. This mentality is what we need to lose going forward. These people will not let go easily so it is important for people to believe this philosophy is not for the greater good and believe something needs to change. A mass awakening of consciousness and enlightenment will truly make a change.

We should teach our children how to learn, not what to learn. We are supposed to be the most advanced species on the planet yet we are the only ones that pay to live here. Imagine a world where someone learns a useful piece of information and rather than keeping it to themselves to make them sound superior to another instead they share it and then they might receive a good piece of information back in return.  Spreading the knowledge and the love is so important! luckily good energy travels fast and remember that light is information.  You can change someones life with just a smile, it maybe all they need to set them off on their path. Just knowing that someone else cares can inspire you to care about the most important person ..YOU!  You won’t attract the love of others unless you love yourself. 🙂

We have a history which is different from the one we have been taught. ‘SUPPRESSION’ and ‘MANIPULATION’ of information and events ultimately to make a small percentage wealthier and not for the good of the world as a whole. Good and evil , light and dark are not opposing forces they are the same energy at two opposing ends of the scale. This means it is possible to move from dark to light up the scale with conscious acts of morality. Observe and live in the present moment , do not sabotage future experiences by comparing them to previous past experiences and do not look too much into the future putting pressure on a specific outcome. Trust that the universe will provide the best outcome at the right time if you allow it and don’t weigh yourself down with past mental baggage that doesn’t serve you or preconceptions of the future.

The material on this site focuses on this lost knowledge and spiritual evolution, as well as health and happiness. Please take what you need from the info on this site and please leave your comments, ideas and views. It would be great if we could all evolve together, helping each other along the way.

Peace and Smileutations

Smiley Matt x


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